Derbyshire RedcapOur chickens are free range and live a very happy life in the wood on the side of the farm. Melany is in charge there and we have many different breeds, amongst others, New Hampshire Reds, Buff Orpingtons, Black Orpingtons, Light Sussex and Buff Sussex and Barnevelders, Ixworth, Derbyshire Redcaps, Marans. We also have geese and khaki campbell ducks.
We incubate our own eggs and sell all these different breeds of chickens at point of lay for eggs production.
At the end of July, we start to raise turkeys for Christmas. Our turkeys are entirely free to roam the farm. They are such inquisitive birds and enjoy watching us clean the pigs out and follow the tractor around. Sometimes we have to rescue them from the fields next door.
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