Guy believes that the best way to learn is to get your hands dirty so all the courses are experiential. We will also make sure that you learn all the theory.  So, whether you are still in the dreaming or planning stages and want to find out if you’d like the life or you are a fully fledged smallholder or farmer,  this is a brilliant opportunity to come and learn from the very best!
Here is the list of our courses:
A must if you are a budding tractor driver! Come and learn from the experts about all of the controls on the tractor, health & safety, safe driving techniques and hitching and unhitching implements.
The course is designed to run so allthe participants have plenty of hands on experience and so is limited to 3participants, making it practically one to one tuition! We are stating a minimum age of 13 for legal reasons.
And all this (plus a lovely lunch) for only £85!
During this packed weekend, you will acquire all the skills needed to start your very own pig enterprise, whether you just want to get a couple of weaners for your own consumption or want to go into pig farming in a big way.
You will meet and handle the pigs from the well-known Withersfield and Balsham herds.
After a meet and greet with a cup of coffee followed by a tour of the farm, you will be introduced to our pigs and over the course of the 2 days you will learn about feeds &feeding, housing, breeds and the selection of breeding stock, correct handling, medications and administration. All the legal requirements of pig keeping will also be covered.
This programme is very hands on, you will have an opportunity to learn about iron injections and how to administer them as well as the process of tattooing piglets.
It will also be a good course to attend if you are not yet sure about pigs on your small holding. You will by the end of the week-end, have experienced fully what it feels like to muck out the pens, move pigs around, feed them and look after them.
The fee includes a hot meal each
day and a handbook to take away, we will also provide internet advice for a period of time afterwards.
Dates: Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th March
Cost £185
We are also planning to run Advanced Pig Keeping courses. Please get in touch if you are interested! They will be very much be tailored to your own needs.
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