This is Guy Kiddy. He is the vicechair of the British Pigs Association. After a very successfull 11 years as the head of Agriculture at Shuttleworth College, he has now decided to concentrate on the farm and on creating a training centre for farmers, would be farmers and small holders. He studied at Shuttleworth and Writtle Colleges and comes from a long line of Suffolk Farmers.
and this is Nick Kiddy. He studied at Writtle College and when he not working with Guy, he is a grazing officer for the Wildlife Trust in Bedfordshire.Heis our shepherd, responsible for our small flock of Norfolk Horn sheep. He will be in charge of our lambing at the end of March. For more information about our lambing events, go to our Sheep page.
this is of our five dogs, she helps an awfull lot on the farm mostly by telling us when a customer arrives at the farm shop! and...

here is Colin, the farm's cat. When he is not snoozing on his comfy bed, he helps keep the farrowing house free of mice! and he is very very good at it!
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